Welcome to Samrita Trust

Samrita Trust is a registered, non-profitable organization established in December 2006 with a vision to change lives of blind students by providing suitable learning devices for their education. Mission of Samrita Trust “Education of visually handicapped-Preschool to employment”. The learning devices provided by Samrita Trust help visually handicapped students (hereafter referred as ‘blind students’) to study on their own and perform better in examinations to get degrees and jobs. The Trust is inspired by Louis Braille, inventor of Braille Script, and the indomitable spirit of Helen Keller

Blind in India

13 million people in India are blind. Less than 5 % of total blind children in India receive formal education. That is why Samrita Trust made education of blind students as the mission of the trust. Click Blindness to know more.

Projects of Samrita Trust

1. Production and distribution of audio books for degrees and jobs. Click Audio books to know more.

2. Production and distribution of text books in Braille from classes 1 to 10. Click Braille kits to know more.